ティレニア海とイオニア海の2つの海に挟まれ、美しい海岸線と山の両方に恵まれた カラブリア州は、エリオロカンダのオーナーエリオオルサーラ氏の故郷でもあります。 過ごしやすい気候を求めイタリア国内でも人気のあるバカンス地域としても知られて おり、その穏やかな気候は作物や畜産にも最適なため、カラブリア産にはトマト、 オリーブ、ワイン、チーズ、豚の加工食品などの特産品があり、紀元前2千年頃から の技術や伝統が現在まで受け継がれています。

Territory of origin:Calabria Region
Located between the Tirrenian and Ionia Seas and gifted by both a beautiful coast line and mountains in the upcountry, Calabria is also the hometown of Elio Locanda Italiana owner, Elio Orsara. On the coast the climate is the typical Mediterranean one, while in the upcountry, due to the many hills and mountains, the climate is mitigated and pleasant. For these reasons this region represents a famous holiday destination for many nationals too. Due to its mild climate, the Calabria region is ideal for both farming and cropping and that is why we can find here many specialty products. The cultivation of olives in the Crotone area has a long history and dates to 2000 B.C. Except olives, other famous products born in Calabria are tomatoes, wine, cheese and pork cold meats, whose tradition and production technical skills have been passed down through generation until now.

Antica Salumeria






Tomato: the essential ingredient for the Italian cuisine
Tomato first arrived in Italy during the 16th century from Latin America. Hereafter their value increased so much they became essential and were used not only as ingredient for home cooking but also as medicine ointments or against colds. Later, in the southern city of Naples, they discovered the combination of tomato, pasta and basil and at the same time tomato-based dishes spread widely throughout Italy. Now it boasts the fifth largest production in the world, becoming the symbol of Italian cuisine. It is now so widely known that tomato is an essential element in the modern Italian food culture that tomato processed products and recipes have been spreading throughout the world.



Production area:Italia, Calabria Region, in the Sila area



He wishes to bring to Calabria all the people who want to eat good Italian cuisine.
He inherited the DNA from his grandmother who was an outstanding chef and has an excellent sense for combining ingredients through fantasy and inspiration.
During his journey in South Italy he searched for real Italian product this year too.


無添加トマトピューレ Tomato pure 700g

700g / 1本1,296yen(税込)|発送日目安:即日

700g / 1本1,296yen



お子様や大事な方々の健康も考え、添加物は一切使用していません。イタリアの大地で大事に育ったトマトをふんだんに使い、 ゆっくりと煮込んだシンプルな製法で、より濃厚に、よりみずみずしく、より旨さを凝縮した自信作です。パスタソースのベ ースにはモチロンのこと、煮込み料理やオムライスにも!バリエーション豊富に使用できます。イタリアマンマの懐かしくシン プルでかつトマトらしい味です!

Inside this bottle are packed 3kg of tomatoes. The only seasoning used is salt, wanting to deliver to your table a genuine tomato like taste with no alteration!

Considering the health of our children and loved ones, they decided not to use any additives. This sauce is created using plenty of tomatoes carefully cultivated on the Italian soil, and following the simple recipe of slow simmering, resulting in a product they can be proud of, standing out for its rich and fresh taste and that concentrates all the tomato goodness.

700g / 1本1,296yen
産 地 イタリア・カラブリア州シーラ山
製造者 ムラカ社
内容量 700g
原材料名 カラブリア産トマト、塩


保存方法 直射日光を避けて、冷暗所に保存してください。開封後、冷蔵庫で保存し、お早目に召し上がり下さい。


On hot days I suggest eating a cold pasta. Fusilli, Bocconcini, Sundried tomato paste, basil, a little of anchovies, rucola (or lettuce), ham and a little of celery (the white and soft part in the middle). If you wish you can add some red peppers in oil.



生産者:ムラカ社 (カラブリア州)

静かな山あい、樹齢何百年という栗の木が生い茂る高原にムラカ社はあります。南イタリア、カラブリア州のチカーラという小さな町で、現在のオーナー兄弟の父、フェルディナンドムラカが始めた小さな栗の加工場でその歴史は始まりました。フェルディナンドは、チカーラの特産品である栗をたくさんの人に安心して 食べてもらいたいと、栗のジャムや、コンポートを作り始めました。収穫季節が限られる栗も、加工して瓶詰めにすれば、遠いところへ運ぶこともできます。彼の心のこもったジャムやコンポートはこうして地元っ子はもとより、イタリア全土で愛されるようになりました。「たくさんの人に南イタリアのおいしいものを 安心して食べてもらいたい。」というフェルディナンドの想いは、彼の息子達が引継ぎ、欧米の人たちからも愛されるようになりました。
現在のムラカ社は3000スクエアの広大な敷地の中、衛生管理の行き届いた最新の設備で、栗はもちろん、南イタリアの太陽の恵みを受けて育った野菜や果物を加工し、遠い日本の皆様にもお届けすることができるようになりました。会社は前よりも大きくなりましたが、ムラカ社ではフェルディナンドの想いが今日も大切にされてい ます。そして今では、三代目であるティツィアーナが、日本の担当としてがんばっています。Vera Italiaは、何度も工場を訪れムラカ社の誠実な仕事ぶりに、「安心して召し上がっていただく」ということを実感したのです。自然に囲まれ、先代の志を大切にするムラカ社だからできる、南イタリアの味をお確かめください。

Muraca Company is located on a quiet mountain, on a plateau where several hundred years old chestnut trees are growing. Its history started with Ferdinando Muraca, todays` owners Father, that opened a small chestnut processing factory in the small town of Cicala, in Calabria region, South Italy. Ferdinando wanted to deliver to as many people as possible the special local product, so he started producing chestnut jams and compote. Chestnuts are harvested only in autumn but by processing and bottling them you can safely deliver them even to distant places. Ferdinando`s jam and compote, filled with his feelings, became popular among locals as well as all over Italy. His will of wanting many people to safely eat southern Italy delicious food was taken over by his sons and their products are now loved also by people in Europe and America.
Muraca, now a company owning a 3000 square meters premises, is equipped with the latest facilities and operates under a strict sanitary control system, processing vegetables, fruits and, of course, chestnuts grown under southern Italy sunlight and finally delivering them to everyone in the far east country of Japan too. The company as grown bigger but Ferdinando`s will is still highly respected today too and now his granddaughter Tiziana is working hard to spread their products in the Japanese market.
Vera Italia visited Muraca`s production factory many times witnessing their faithful work and realizing the safety of their products. We suggest you try the southern Italian taste delivered by Muraca, a company surrounded by nature and respecting of his founder`s will.